State College, PA


Age: 34

I'm a graduate of the Pennsylvania State Universtity, and have been a computer hardware design engineer for industrial PCs since 2004. Outside of my daytime job, I'm a guitarist and also play some mandolin and 5-string banjo. I've been a member of a few musical projects during my years at State College, and am currently the guitarist for the original soul/jazz trio Dirty Superb as well as the funk/soul/Motown band Hounds of Soul.

I enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking and backpacking. Having grown up near Boiling Springs, the near halfway point of the Appalachian Trail, I grew to love hiking its local sections. Since June 1999, I've hiked about 350 miles on the AT, which include the completion of the states of West Virigina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. I've also done several hikes in Colorado and Washington State.

I've been designing and building some form of a webpage since the pre Web 2.0 age, some of which have fragments that still exist today. During college, I coded my own database driven multi-user weblog project in PHP, but eventually "gave in" to Wordpress. You can read about my musical and outdoor adventures on my weblog (ralford dot net slash wordpress).
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