Los Angeles, CA


Age: 42

I built my first web page in 1996. At the time, Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, and AOL was the coolest.

Currently I'm lead front end engineer at LeTote.com in San Francisco. We offer subscription-based designer clothing rental. (http://letote.com) Here's my LinkedIn if you want to get in touch that way: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=8345209

Previously, I was a senior web generalist at Disney Interactive in Los Angeles. I've worked on StarWars.com, and on Spoonful.com, Disney's popular crafts and recipes site.

Before that, I worked as lead front end engineer at TheRealReal.com (San Francisco), a fashion consignment ecommerce app built using Rails and Spree.

Other apps I've worked on include Second Life (secondlife.com user registration, which has seen millions of signups since I built the front end and remains mostly unchanged years later), Chug.net (an early aggregator for car-buying), and Radar.net (Instagram years before Instagram), and I've worked for clients such as MIT, Cambridge Genomics Research Center, Kraft Foods, Liberty Financial, and CompUSA.