Bangalore, India

I am a software engineer from Bangalore, INDIA. The whole of my 8+ years of professional work experience centers around iOS and Mac OS X. I started my stint with Mac by working on Color Management products using the good old Carbon framework. Got to work on Mac OS 9 for a very short time before moving to Cocoa on Mac OS X. Now I rarely get to work on carbon. Its mostly Cocoa everywhere. I got to work on color management including softproofing, monitor calibration, then photoshop import plugins using the TWAIN protocol and Photoshop filter plugins.

I am pretty open to work on any technology as long as it excites me. I have worked on VC++, Adobe Flex, PHP for quite sometime. Personally i don’t prefer to work on Java but with Android and Blackberry, I am kind of forced to use Java. If not for Android and Blackberry, I would have never used Java in my programming life. (no offence for all those Java developers..!)

From past one year its mostly work on iPhone. The arrival of iPhone has almost killed the Mac desktop market. Seeing a Mac desktop application development is a rare event and really missing it. But iPhone is equally interesting and there is always more to explore in it.

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