Los Angeles

Age: 58

An old programmer. Started programming on an HP25c calculator in 1975. Started serious programming in 1981 on BSD 4.1 on Fortune System 32:16. Many years spent programming C on Unix, then C++, then some Lisp, Smalltalk-80. Worked at Locus 1988 thru 1990, worked with Unix running on mainframes, interesting.

Did some early work with NeXT, met Steve Jobs, treated me like shit, didn't like him, but respected him.

Started working at Sun Microsystems in 1990. Worked with James Gosling before he got mixed up with Java (News, NewsPrint). Dabbled in Java very early on, thought it was cool, then J2EE came about, and the Java world started looking confused to me.

Discovered RoR in 2008, love it, very focused there ever since.

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