Chris Skopec

San Diego, CA

Age: 36

I've worn a lot of hats in my 32 years. Architecture student. Cook. Kitchen Manager. Proof reader. Paginator. Pre-Press Analyst. Graphic Composer (aka Graphic Designer). Mr. Plow (not really, just seeing if you were paying attention). Technology Integration Specialist. Photographer. Web Designer. And most importantly, husband.

It's really quite a variety. And the variety helps keep me on my toes and learning new things. But the one thing that ties all these different threads together is creating. I just really like to create. And it doesn't matter to me if it's an abstract idea (creating a pleasant night out for someone with a well cooked steak or creating more time by figuring out a more efficient way of working) or a literal item (creating a powerful photograph or a memorable book cover), I just enjoy creating it.

My desire to create something great doesn't stop once I've done it. No matter how great I made it, I'm always looking for a way to make it better. As an example, even though I really enjoy this image from La Jolla Cove, I still went back and created this image of sunset, just a few steps away. And even though I'm proud of the cover for The Ancestral Puebloan Primer, I think the cover for America's Southwestern Treasures (published a little over a year later) is much stronger.

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