San Francisco, CA

Age: 29

This is a few years old. I'll update it later/sometime/maybe

Reletively new coder, a recent graduate of the computer science program from the Engineering College at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Vim fan - a pro at an internship impressed me. Still learning how to extend/customize it with plugins to make it do exactly what I want.

To me, c++ is a difficult, powerful language. Some people don't like all the boilerplate, but I like how it lays everything on the table. Is it possible to get to the point where I can code "on the fly", not needing to second-guess the decisions I make?

Not very familiar with Python yet, but I'm definitely going to start my next project with it. I really like its simplicity, its practical "high-level-ness", its libraries, and its mantra that "there is a way it should be done."

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