Hi, I like technologies and creating things. I use JavaScript or Ruby on Rails to build Web Projects like eCommerce, Social Network or Cloud Management Platform.

In latest projects I also actively used JavaScript on the Client to provide better user experience and responsive, instant UI.

I believe in agile techniques and frequently experiment with prototypes to get early responses from the customers - Mobile Version of Product, eCart Widget or Web Crawler.

If you need more details please take look at my resume, Blog, GitHub Profile or contact me directly.

I'm currently in Moscow but I like travel and gladly relocate to any country if needed. I'm looking for full time (5d/week) or part-time (3d/week)

  • USA (full-time - 105k, part-time - 52k, USD)
  • Australia (full-time 100k, part-time - 50k, AUD)
  • Europe (full-time 65k, part-time 32k, Euro)