Chris Haas

La Crosse, WI

Age: 34

I'm here, so the fact that I like to program should be obvious. My preference is for .Net, typically VB but C# is fine, too. (I didn't jump ship like everyone else when VB went OO, maybe that's a good thing, maybe a bad thing, I'll let you decide.)

On the web, browser compatibility is key for me. For every client we analyze the current set of live browsers and build websites that target those. This means we still need to be 100% functional all the way back to IE6 even though that means maintaining a virtual machine just to be able to run it.

Semantic web is also very important to me. Content shouldn't just look good, it should be described in a manor that everyone can interpret and that makes sense. Paragraphs live in paragraphs, tabular data in tables, lists in lists, etc. (Its almost like the tags were named with the intention of the content...) Anyway, just because a <blockquote> incurs a 40px margin in most browsers doesn't mean you should using it because you want to pad something. Similarly, just because you want a large font doesn't mean you should just wrap it in an <h1> tag.

Hmm..., I seem to be ranting this morning, sorry.


Also, I gave up on its versus it's. I know one is a contraction and one is a possessive but my brain won't store which is which and unless spellcheck fixes it for me, its staying without an apostrophe.


I'm also a big fan of iText and iTextSharp.