Las Vegas, NV

Age: 30

Software Developer. Obsessive Compulsive code formatter. Tabs-over-spaces preferrer but that doesn’t always work out.

Server Administrator. Arch Linux user forever. Disliker of CentOS for no reason. (Who named the package manager “yum,” anyway!?)

Lover of Apple products. Former Windows user. Emphasis on former.

Hater of Adobe since before it was cool. Hater of Flash since forever. Hater of Windows Mobile since 2006.

Paleo eater. Crossfit & bodyweight worker-outer.

Skeptic. Extremely strong opinions, weakly held. Changed based on evidence, but nothing else. Open to the idea that I’m wrong; just be prepared to prove it. (I’m usually not wrong.)

US Marine (Reserve). Sergeant. Infantryman, Machine Gunner, Section Leader. Deployed to Ramadi, Iraq (2008).