Tehran, Iran

Age: 32

Ali E.Bastani was born at 19/02/1984 in Tehran , Iran . He’s got his BS from IAU (Islamic Azad University) in “Computer Software Engineering” at 2005 . His Thesis was about Data Mining and specifically using Data Mining tools of SQL Server 2005 and developing a demo program in C#.NET using these tools. He took some courses in APTECH Iran about Web designing and Database designing and also C# and Java programming in 2006. These courses was held in SUT (Sharif University of Technology) and took about one year long. He was working as a Web Developer for two local company (PSA & Hafekran IT) during 2007 and 2008. He was employed by Bank Melli Iran (the greatest Islamic bank in world) as IT Expert in 2009. He is developing with ASP.NET (C#) and uses SQL Server as Database . His research interests are LINQ and ASP.NET MVC and has read some books in these subjects.