Age: 27

I believe you click on my name to see my profile and know more about me :D

I'm Muslim and I'm proud to be Muslim, I'm from Jordan, funny guy and like fun, Love cats and spiders specially and every thing good for Natural in generally keep looking on the sky on blue in day and stars and moon in night < romantic :D :P

Anyway in my field I'm now working as System Developer in good company, I'm graduated with Excellent grade on Bachelor of Computer Science, was like a programming but at these days I'm thinking about that :D :P

I have good knowledge of & skills on : Java; JSF, JSP, and excellent on HTML/CSS/JS and Love JQuery :) I have a background on : C++, C#.Net, VB.Net and I can code with them.

I'm familiar with Windows and Linux based systems like CentOS.

Finally, I'm glad & appreciate you read about me :)