Alex Pakka

Toronto, Canada

Age: 40

Coder, s/w architect, nerd. Mostly developing web solutions, front to back: HTML5, GWT and/or jQuery on Backbone, JAX-RS, MyBatis, various aspects of J2EE, event-driven web-ui, couple of years mobile experience (Android and BlackBerry)...

Some of the projects I wrote or was involved with, in reverse chronological order:

  • web dashboard and administrative monitoring tools for X11 servers
  • wiki engine with markup processing
  • radiological imaging workload distribution solution: HTML5 DICOM worklist, reporting, dictation, PACS, etc.
  • BlackBerry app for content management and collaboration
  • corporate IM with screen sharing tied into content management (.NET and Java)
  • Java O-R mapping framework with OQL and full metadata support: change classes on the fly, effectively modifying DB columns, indexes etc.
  • Web content management tool with automated resource generation in Delphi (for a fancy, designer-oriented stuff, like glossy menu buttons, long before CSS was good for it)
  • OpenGL 3D / Unix / Qt for scientific simulator validation
  • House interior 3D modelling with ray tracing engine in Delphi
  • Video player for OS/2

My other passion is skiing. Fluent in German, English, Russian and Ukrainian.