Jason D

Minneapolis, MN


Age: 44

I'm mostly human, with some bits of titanium where titanium ought not be. I've been recreationally programming computers since the age of 12 -- professionally since the age of 21. I'm sure many Rush fans will be amused by that coincidence. I know I am.

My passions in programming include algorithms, parsers, OO software design and architecture, foreign language concerns(i.e. script rendering, processing...etc.), internationalization, and UI/UX work. I also believe strongly in buy vs build, but only if you know your own needs well enough to do a small scale, but functionally comprehensive POC to prove the technology before adopting it.

The bulk of my professional focus has been in doing UI development using a variety of MS tools (Visual C++, starting with 4.0, through the current .Net family of languages) The main product line I've worked on the past 9 years is a Legal Review SaaS system. It has evolved from a C++ UI + VB6 application to a nearly fully C# application in that time.

Other accomplishments I'm proud of include: Making my own build system in .Net 1.1 while NAnt was still an infant. Taking a highly manual managerial/development status update process, modelling it and creating an intranet site including site and access maintenance features, writing a C++ R/D template parser library whose code strongly resembled EBNF while the spirit library was still in its infancy, at a former employer, training many of my peers whose skills lay with C in the fundamentals of OO and C++.

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