Mark Rajcok

New Jersey, USA

Age: 47

Big Data, full-stack web apps, multi-threaded (near) real-time server apps, embedded software. Yeah, I've been writing software a long time, and I love it. Currently I'm working with Hadoop: Sqrrl (Accumulo underneath) and IBM BigInsights (Big SQL and HBase). Just before that I was doing web dev with D3.js, Node.js, Express.js, Python,, MySQL, Apache httpd. For many years I programmed almost exclusively in C++ (some C++11, some Boost) and Perl (I much prefer Python now). I've dabbled with Java, Google AppEngine, GraphViz, IBM Streams/SPL, Oracle OEP, DynamoDB. I've read books about Heroku, Neo4j, and MongoDB but I never got around to actually trying them out.

Current interests/learning: Spark, R, React, Docker

Open source project: Peri$scope, a tool to visualize AngularJS prototypal scope inheritance, properties, and services

First computer: Commodore64 (I still have one)

SO badge I'm most proud of: Sportsmanship

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