A qualified chemist who somehow drifted into web development. I’ve learned (to a greater or lesser degree of accuracy) PHP and JavaScript, and would like to learn something completely different for the sake of it. I’m a weirdo who actually enjoys reading (and sometimes writing) technical documentation.

revised Theory question about "j" imaginary unit (AC circuit analysis)
Slight tweaks to grammar.
comment Theory question about "j" imaginary unit (AC circuit analysis)
Algebra is case-sensitive. J and j are different things.
revised Is there a "youtube like" service for audio?
Image doesn't exist. Nor does it exist on archive.org. Nor did it have useful alt text. SoudCloud link was also broken.
comment Automatic calling system: "Press star" or "Press asterisk"?
For most of the English-speaking world, the pound sign is £. Calling the hash a pound is unique to the Americas.
revised Automatic calling system: "Press star" or "Press asterisk"?
Tidied formatting (numbering). Tidied grammar. Reworded bit that seemed to say that only UK people are native speakers of English.
comment Can you say Bircat Hagomel after certain "dangerous sports"
I'd be interested to see the stats on whether bunjee jumping is actually more dangerous than US football or merely seems that way.
comment "Hello" and "sincerely" when writting letters
When I wrote a letter to the Taoiseach (Prime Minister (lit., Chieftain)), I opened it, A Taoisigh, a chara (Taoiseach, friend) and closed it Is mise, le meas (I am, with respect), even though the body of the letter was in English. It's fairly normal in many many cultures for set phrases from one language to seep into another.
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revised Do I need a transit visa for Germany on the way to Canada?
Tidied grammar.
revised Does my visa expire along with my passport?
Tidied grammar, guessing in some places.
revised Do I need a UK transit visa when travelling in the grace period of a J1 visa?
Tidied grammar. Retagged.
comment Automatic calling system: "Press star" or "Press asterisk"?
The pound symbol (£) is not unique to pound sterling. It applies to all pounds, such as the Egyptian pound and the now defunct Irish and Cypriot pounds.
comment Last names that are English words with an extra 'e'
In the UK, Greene-with-an-e is a posher surname than Green-as-the-colour. In Ireland, Green is almost unknown, and Greene is the norm. (I'm an Irish Green with English parents.)
revised Does God want things? What are some of the things He wants, and how did we find out?
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comment How to number the letters of a sentence?
By the way, MartinB, if you spell people's names differently from the way they do, the notifier won't work. For example, @Pleasedon'ttouch will not have been notified of your comment above. You should omit spaces, and can truncate (@Please would probably work), but adding hyphens will mess things up.
revised What are the dimensions of a business card?
Several small grammatical tweaks. (Small tweaks, but a lot of them, so I think it counts as a reasonable edit.)
comment In a 85.6mm x 54mm business card, what is an ideal font size?
@Bakabaka. If you type [edit] in a comment, it is rendered as an actual edit link: [edit]. I often write comments like "Please [edit] clarifications into the post body, rather than leaving them buried in comments where no one will see them."
revised How do I use ajax to post XML data to the server?
edited body
revised How do I use ajax to post XML data to the server?
Tidied code highlighting. Tidied grammar. Rewrote title. Retagged.
revised Passing through MongoDB document value to EJS table
bare -> bear (I don't want to get naked with you, thanks; not here on SO anyway). Language highlighting hint for HTML.
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