Eugene, OR

Age: 34

Generalist programmer interested in integrating all aspects of development in my understanding. Primary background is in C/C++, Java and Python in Linux, but appreciate Ruby and Objective-C as well. I prefer Git over SVN, unit tests to "looks okay" and Coke to Pepsi. I'd sell Apache for a nickel, otherwise I'll keep it for sentimental reasons.

I run Linux and OS X at home, and have a Nokia N810 that I really enjoy using. I'm frustrated by this poorly-integrated world we're in, and spend my working days trying to help remove technological roadblocks for my clients.

Things I've done that I'm proud of:

  • Ported a binary database system from C++ to Java
  • Wrote a distributed networking library in Python
  • Wrote a custom Python web application to replace an existing Java web application. The next-generation version behaves the same way but with more flair and less latency.
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