London, United Kingdom

I mostly code for fun these days with occasional forays into the commercial sphere (coding odd jobs and web stuff for clients who I like enough!). As far as languages go I strongly prefer python for most things (&django for web) though I've also been spending a lot of time with Java recently (making Android apps - surprisingly fun if a bit longwinded for my tastes). I use javascript when I have to (which is often) with jQuery easing the pain and I've got a fair history with PHP and Flash/AS from back in the (bad old) days when I used to do a lot of web development. No experience with MS languages since VB3 and happy to keep it that way. Likewise I'll only do Perl under duress!

I am available for hire as a programmer IF the job is very small / quick / limited in scope OR your idea for an app/site is TOTALLY AMAZING - in which case contact me via my website.