Mike Desjardins

Portland, ME


Age: 42

Ruby on Rails and Android developer - recovering former enterprise Java guy (where I did lots of ORM and Spring and other soul-sucking beige-cubicle-plastered-with-IBM-posters-of-three-tier-architecture type work).

Graduated from college as an electrical engineer, I started programming by writing assembly language for disk drives (true story!) then learned C, clawed my way up to Java, now I'm writing in scripting languages. Woohoo!

Did the consulting thing for a while, was CTO for a cool little boutique consulting firm called Burnside Digital, now I'm working at Boston-based startup Openbay.

I live in the greatest little city in the world (Portland, Maine, USA), and I've been teleworking for almost four years now. Work where you want to live!

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