Madeira Beach, FL


Age: 64

If the shoe fits, find another one..

Play through tubes, not plastic!

Life is like a script, what's next is what you get.

Land mines cost $3-$8 to make, over $100 to remove. There are over 110 million still buried as of 1990. Would take 1100 years to remove those.

I am a retired machinist and pneumatic robotic applicator design engineer for Molex. I design tube amps and preamps as a hobby from non mainstream tubes. I specialize in custom circuit design and enjoy showing off my regulated 600 volt 1.2 amp ac zero crossing tube amp power supply that fits in the palm of my hand, can take a dead short and is right back on when short removed. (eg When a tube goes bye.) Tube audiophiles needn't worry, it can sound just like a rectifier tube at the flip of a switch, otherwise, it is dead silent power that adapts to what is coming out of the wall and load. So when you play at those various clubs and the wall power varies 10vac, on a line with a blender and neon sign to boot, no noise is heard and amps bias remains dead on. Cheap thrills.

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