.Net and iOS programmer. I spend a lot of time programming, developing, and fixing bugs, mostly in C#, JavaScript, and Objective C. Currently working on my first iOS app which I hope to release soon.

I love figuring out why some code doesn't work - although it's usually more fun to do with new code than old code. I spend a lot of time fixing bugs on existing systems (some mine own, some others') but still probably enjoying building new stuff more than anything else.

I'm a rather extreme INTP (especially the I and N) and usually enjoy interacting with people online a lot more than in person. Other personal interests include:

  • tennis
  • science fiction
  • libertarian ideas
  • humanism & free-thought
  • music (pop, rock, prog rock, ambient, space, world)
  • music instruments and recording (guitar, keyboards, bass, and others)
  • rest and relaxation
  • reading
  • freedom in as many realms of life as possible
  • Western civilization

I enjoy interesting work, ideas, puzzles and would love to build something really cool one day, be it an app, web service, song, or anything else fun or interesting. Often I can't decide just one thing to focus on.

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