Jon Bach

San Jose, CA

Age: 48

I recently joined eBay (San Jose) as a QE director for the Buyer Experience team. Formerly a manager of corporate intellect and senior test consultant at Quardev, I've been testing since 1995 with experience that includes managing teams at Microsoft, HP, and LexisNexis.

Co-inventor (with brother James) of session-based test management I'm mostly known for my half-baked ideas about how to inspire innovation and create a learning culture for test teams.

My training is almost all in exploratory / rapid testing.

I have a degree in journalism, but after 16 years of testing, I find testing to be journalism's close cousin. Both require a relentless pursuit of truth which is often influenced by politics. Both are about communication to a mass audience. Both require story-telling, investigative thinking, attention to detail, even an awareness of legal liability.

I contribute to testing's global community through the exchange of ideas -- through conferences, through colleagues, through articles.

(I'm also on Twitter: @jbtestpilot)

Specialties: Exploratory and Rapid testing, Test Management, Session-Based Test Management (co-inventor), acceptance testing, paired testing, tech writing, class instruction, conference planning

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