Iowa City, IA


Age: 57

Having retired from 24 years as an IT Systems/Network Engineer. Worked on OLD SYSTEMS, Solaris 4.1, VMS, OpenVMS, PrimeOS, IBM TSO, PS2, Mac OS 7,8,9,10. 22 years as Exchange Admin, 00, 03, 07,10. SharePoint 07, SQL 00, 03, 05, 08. Now I'm "disabled" after an unscheduled Cardiac Event in 2013. I have 802.11abcgn network, 802.3 Ethernet Cat 5+ and 6, layer 2 network. Experimentation with Raspberry PI B, B+, 2B, Zero. Working on building a Bitcoin harvesting matrix. Remix Mini. Geek, Fiber Artist, Historic Preservationist. I focus on my Fiber Arts role, hand harvested, hand processed, hand blended, hand spun yarns. I use Angora Rabbit Wool, Alpaca, Llama, Bison, Silk, and other natural fibers. Hand-dye using both natural and commercial dyes.