London, United Kingdom


Age: 38

I have been playing guitar for 19 years now. I'm an old-school rocker/metalhead, but I try to keep my mind open and am more than happy to incorporate other musical influences, be they blues, country, progressive, folk or even electronic.

My current project is Viridian - a melodic hard-rock band where I am the guitarist, main songwriter and manager, for my sins. The band is in something of a state of suspension at the moment - following our move to London from Warsaw, Poland - as we are presently looking for musicians to complete the lineup.

On the side, I write music business commentary @ TheCyncialMusician.com - something which has surprisingly gained me more notoriety than my music. My point of view stems from my personal experience in music and the biz, plus my education as an economist. More often than not, I find myself pointing out holes in conventional MusBiz blogosphere wisdom, but I hope it helps provide other musicians a different perspective in these troubled times.

In the past, I have taught guitar and might do so again.

My gear, just for the heck of it:

Guitars - Gibson SG standard, Ibanez RG2550E Prestige

Amplification - 2 Marshall JCM900 half-stacks (a 4100 Dual Reverb and a 2100 SL-X)

Effects - Boss GT-10

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