Age: 31

Santiago Suarez Ordo├▒ez is currently Junior Developer at Sauce Labs. He's finishing the last year of Systems Engineering, at Universidad Tecnol├│gica Nacional in Rosario, Argentina, where he lives. Gave his first steps in the professional world as a Tester, learning in heavily structured and documented environments based in RUP procedures. By being obsessed in squeezing every single second from repeatable and simple tasks, he became a GTD practitioner, Agile methodologies fan and a python developer with strong skills on Automated Testing. His main interests are mind challenges, personal productivity, software (always with a favoritism for FLOSS and the bazaar oriented development) and knowledge in general. In more personal aspects, he likes to be in shape, goes to the gym regularly, sailing and windsurfing on weekends (when housework is low and the weather is good) and adores to spend time with his beautiful girlfriend.