Also known as @CommuSoft and @KommuSoft

Not much to say... uninteresting object.

A bit a jack of all trades but master in none: programming in , , , , , , , , , , and a few others.

Programming contests (with several teams):

  • Flemish programming contest: 1st (2009), 1st (2011), 3rd (2012), 2nd (2014), 2nd (2015)
  • IEEEXtreme: 31st (2011), 7th (2012), 32nd (2014)

Author of courses on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Electronics and Processors.


Answering questions is difficult, asking good questions is difficult as well. Please try to provide a minimal compiling example, reread your question and ensure yourself that someone with no a priori knowledge of your situation can understand your problem. Later accept the answer that helped you the most, upvotes can be a guide.

Message to downvoters: please first provide comment and start a discussion. If the person in question does not solve the problem, then downvote. I'm doing the same by the way.

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