Czech Republic

Age: 40

I'm working on project Refusion . My experiences, before I started this game, were ASM, C++, C#, Perl, Lisp, SQL and some programming of singlechip machines (manufacturing robots etc). Before a game I had worked as employee programmer for 10 years and then 3 years I made my own business of software contractor both on many very various projects. Some of them I liked a lot, some of them not.:-) When I was 30, I have made decision that if I don’t start now then I will start newer. Then I met a business partner (friend now) during playing games. We have made a deal and started working on Refusion. I didn't have any real game programming experience, just tried things for fun. I did a few demos, cracks and never finished game experiments on ZX Spectrum and later on on PC in ASM.

I enjoy what I'm doing now. And I believe we will finish it with success and people will enjoy playing it.