I'm an elected moderator on Mi Yodeya and The Workplace, and a pro-tempore mod on Writers and Worldbuilding. Professionally, I'm a technical writer who works with (and often helps design) programming interfaces. I'd love to see more tech-writing questions on Writers.SE.

I joined Stack Exchange so I could commit to the proposal for Mi Yodeya. I ask lots of questions to learn from the many knowledgeable Yodeyans. My answers tend to be mostly to practical "Jewish life" questions.

Please check out Mi Yodeya's publications with Q&A drawn from our site -- a haggadah supplement for Pesach, a Purim collection, and eight nights of Q&A for Chanukah.

Stack Exchange has many great sites. However, I recommend strongly that Jews avoid Biblical Hermeneutics or, at the very least, consult your rabbi first.

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comment Why is it allowed to become a Nazir
Related: judaism.stackexchange.com/q/28862/472
revised Is there a difference between "holiday" and "vacation"?
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answered Add "what's this?" links to "user was removed" and "serial upvoting" in reputation history
comment How could dragons be explained without magic?
Do pterodactyls resemble komodo dragons (with fire-resistant scales)? How would you add fire-breathing into this, which the question asked about? Please [edit] to more-directly address the question. Thanks.
comment Do I have to refer to the participants in the main body of research report?
Welcome to Writers! I don't understand what you're asking. You presumably refer to your participants in the aggregate, right? As opposed to "Joe answered question #7 this way, but Bob answered it this other way, etc". Could you [edit] to clarify what you mean by "refer to the participants"? Thanks.
answered We're suddenly very popular
reviewed Close Comment author link not a link?
comment How do we buy US health insurance for a remote team?
Thanks for visiting The Workplace. Sorry we couldn't help you here; I hope you get answers over on Startups. (Navigating all the sites can be challenging, I know.)
comment Moderator "Move comments to chat" failing
I'm having this problem on this question. Room created here and the first six comments were moved, and then it failed on a comment from this user.
accepted How do I determine the shelf life of beer?
comment Is there an ettiquete for leaving a job (beyond notice time and not burning bridges)?
The duplicate question asks about the US in particular. If that's where you are, the other question has answers for you. If you're somewhere else, please [edit] to clarify and this will be reviewed for reopening. Thanks.
comment How could dragons be explained without magic?
Could you [edit] in some information about how Pern dragons satisfy the constraints in the question? Links are important for further information, but we're looking for answers that contain the actual answer, not just pointers to possible answers. (Since Pern is set on another planet with different properties, it's not automatically clear that those dragons would work on earth -- but you could explain that in an edit.)
revised Is it permissible to learn out loud while the tzibbur is davening?
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comment Is it permitted for a male to have a female therapist?
One could ask the same question (in reverse) about a rabbi: is a woman allowed to have ongoing private conversations, that can involve deeply personal topics, with her rabbi? I assume so, but is that a concession because she can't just seek out a female rabbi instead, or is it de-facto not a problem?
comment Prevent questions with movie/tv shows/game spoilers from appearing in the hot questions list
@Nobilis actually it's up to the members of those communities to decide how they want to present their content. As Christian said, these sites already have rules about this; if users there aren't following those rules, that's a valid complaint to raise on those sites. But there's really not much that SE or moderators can do if the communities won't act.
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