comment Hard time on understanding real analysis.
Learning mathematics can take a long time. Keep at it. Talk to your instructors. Talk to other mathematics students. Perhaps you will learn to like it. Or perhaps you will find out that you are better suited for opera singing or auto mechanics.
comment Equality in Conditional Jensen's Inequality
The conditions you state for equality in ordinary Jensen are not correct. $\varphi$ need not be linear everywhere, just on the essential range of $X$. That will include the degenerate case.
comment Tweaking the axioms of a Topological Space, what are the consequences?
This definition will work. It defines the collection of closed sets, just as the conventional topology defines the collection of open sets.
comment Tweaking the axioms of a Topological Space, what are the consequences?
User, why don't you try to prove it yourself? Let $\tau$ be a collection of subsets of a set $X$. Then $\tau$ is a topology* if and only if $\{ U : X - U \in \tau\}$ is a topology.
comment 'Wasn't dressed' vs 'Didn't dress'
for the performance.
comment Reflexive pronoun of someone
The traditional pronoun is "his". But you may be accused of sexism if you try that today.
revised Reflexive pronoun of someone
spelling corrected in title
comment Was Mozart black?
Is this a new "thing"? Put a false claim on Facebook or Twitter, and see how many people you can fool. In my day, we only did these on April 1.
comment Limit of $a_{n+2}=a^2_{n+1}+\frac{1}{6}\cdot a_n+\frac{1}{9}$
Then prove by induction that all terms are $\le 2/3$.
comment Why do we teach Calculus in High School instead of, say, programming?
math.se is not an opinion site. It is not a discussion site. Maybe better try your question at matheducators.stackexchange.com
comment Russell's paradox question
A set cannot belong to itself in ZF set theory. Russel's paradox was a reason for formulating some axioms for set theory, such as the ZF axioms. But Frege's system had no such restriction, which allowed Russel to some up with this paradox. It showed Frege's system of set theory was no good. If $\Omega$ is "the set of all sets" (something Frege's theory allowed) then certainly $\Omega \in \Omega$.
comment When the element hydrogen was first discovered, did they know it was H2 gas instead of plain H?
I believe Dalton's theory on atoms was only advanced many years later.
comment In teaching evaluation, does the number of students a faculty teaches matter?
To see if teaching evaluations are reasonable, compare them with other evaluations from similar classes. For example: If you teach only large-lecture remedial courses, compare your evaluations to others from large-lecture remedial courses.
comment Are Australian Teachers only paid for 25 hours/week?
Also what is "award"?
comment Prove that if $f:[a,+\infty [\longrightarrow \mathbb R$ is uniformly continuous, then $\lim_{x\to +\infty }f(x)=+\infty $
Therefore, should be closed as "unclear what you are asking".
comment The closed form of $\int^\infty_{B}e^{-(x+\frac{A}{x})}\,dx$, where $A>0$, $B>0$.
@mk4201 ... Inverse Symbolic Calculator isc.carma.newcastle.edu.au For example: Compute this integral numerically for $B=0$, plug that number into ISC, and get the Bessel answer.
comment Which forum is the best for relational algebra and relational calculus?
For we who are ignorant: what is relational algebra?
comment The closed form of $\int^\infty_{B}e^{-(x+\frac{A}{x})}\,dx$, where $A>0$, $B>0$.
Another data point.... $$\int_1^\infty \exp(-(x+\frac{1}{x}))\;dx \approx 0.20753352343482877323 $$ is not recognized by the ISC.
comment Is the author obliged to answer all emailed questions regarding his or her paper after it had been published?
No. Where did you get that idea? Neither is a university professor obligated to answer all emailed questions he gets, even if he works at a publicly-funded university. Microsoft is not even obligated to answer all emailed questions about Windows 10.
comment Math Contests: How to Solve Equation with $x$ in the Denominator
$x=48$ of course
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