Age: 34

I'm trying my best to give a feedback to people who answered my question, but sometimes it can take up to few days. Usual scenario, I couldn't solve the problem and before I'm leaving my office for holiday I'm asking a question. I will see you answer immediate and will upvote if I'll like it but until I'll return to office and check it by trying to implement it I won't accept it and won't give any feedback. Thank you for your answer.

It's really boring when somebody downvoting my question without providing any feedback what did I do wrong. I've decided that if I will meet downvoted SO questions without any explanations in comments I will upvote them. It doesn't matter for me how stupid this question. We all were beginners and if you will beat somebody without explaining why he was beat he won't learn anything and won't have any chance to fix his mistake. So please, if you downvoting my question or any other questions, give a reason and chance to me and to other to fix our mistake. Thank you.