I'm minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and a full stack web developer (using the LAMP (PHP), TurboGears (Python), and Node.js/CouchDB/REST/single-page-application (JavaScript) stacks), and have created and maintained a number of sites for clients using the Joomla content management system. So I build web apps & websites. I've done this work part time for 15 years, so have gone through 3 major web application architecture paradigm shifts--from PHP & MySQL to rapid web application frameworks to single page applications in Backbone.js to single page applications in Polymer.js. I intend to continue this sort of work on a freelance basis for up to 4 years to build up savings toward several expected large expenses, then return to pastoral ministry or a Ph.D. in covenant theology. I would be interested in serving as one of your subcontractors if you had a need.