Etienne Neveu

Paris, France

Age: 27


I'm french.

I love web development, orange juice, good movies, awesome books, trance music, Krav Maga and girls.

I hate Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, PHP, and software patents.

But I also love Android, GWT, Guava, Clean Code (TM), Thinkpads.

I used to love Magic The Gathering, Diablo 2 & Counter Strike, but realized it was a lot of "wasted time", and choose to procrastinate on Hacker News instead.

While I had to chance to attend a top engineering school in France, I miss the CS background I would have gotten by getting a CS degree like you guys do in America. I plan to teach myself data structures, algorithms, and so on, once I finish all those books about Web Design, Usability, Best Practices, TDD, and Cryptography.