Homepage. Necromancer top 20 in 2015-04. I want to work with low-level stuff. If you do that, contact me.

The Chinese characters on my username are taboo keywords for the Chinese Dictatorship. They mean:

Why I'm doing this: in March 2015, my girlfriend's mother was kept 15 days in prison without trial or accusation

My goals: make the Great Firewall of China GFW block Stack Overflow pages where I have posted, in order to make Chinese programmers:

  • mad and demand direct elections, freedom of speech and human rights
  • talk to me, so I can gather pro-freedom contacts and better understand China: Twitter or Github. Public contact preferred, even if anonymous. If you really need privacy, ciro.santilli.contact [at] gmail.com
  • less efficient and work less well for the Dictatorship

I am against violence.

I'm am sorry if this affects you negatively personally. I love China and its people. But I believe that it is the best in the long run. Your government exploits and lies to you way more than democracies do.

A funny effect of this is that if people @ mention you, then they also end up saying the taboo words.

If you know words that are even more likely to get blocked, please let me know. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_blacklisted_keywords_in_China contains a nice list. My personal favorites (some are just funny and silly): 共匪, 共惨党, 红色恐怖, 达赖

I am also gathering interesting information at: https://github.com/cirosantilli/china-dictatorship

Falun Gong controversy I have received a few messages of people who are for democracy but against Falun Gong. If you can convince me that it's bad enough to be banned, I will remove it. That can be argued.

Other cool users:

Some discussions that came out of this.