Itay Grudev


Age: 18

I am programming since I was 12 years old. Later I discovered science, specifically Astronomy and Astrophysics and that's what I do now. I create simulations of extra-solar planet configurations. Awesome, isn't it?

I love Open Source, though I am a Mac OS X user now. My favourite programming language is Ruby, but I also admire C++ (especially since I discovered that with the new standard (C++11) it adds support for so many things and is also extremely fast and efficient. But in fact programming languages differ only in the way you use them. The logic is all the same, so there is no language that I can't handle with (theoretically).

You should always RTFM before you proceed. Sometimes it really helps. Don't mind the fact that most manuals are "for dummies"..
P.S. The last applies only to software. Not hardware. I'll never read a manual for a smartphone or a computer!?!?