Louis Foussard

St. Paul, MN


Age: 58

My name is Louis Foussard, I run a company called TopSpots Marketing. TopSpots Marketing is an Internet Marketing firm based in downtown St. Paul.

My company provides Online Marketing Systems That Work… Period! It has long been said that people want to do business with people that they know, like and trust. Well, I work with local business owners to elevate their presence and overall online influence in order for them to become known, liked and trusted by their potential customers.

The system provides individuals and businesses with key information about your company through strategic use of videos, articles, local search directories and social media that your prospective customers are already using to find important facts, tips and news on subjects of interest, in order to make informed buying decisions.

The system allows you to improve your online visibility, traffic and leads, build relationships with prospects, and convert them into paying customers. By strategically distributing valuable information and guidance, you build credibility and set your business apart from your competition.

This process generates new, qualified leads resulting in new sales. Simple! You know how most businesses have a website? Well when people search for what YOU offer, I make it practically impossible for them not to find YOU first!

I offer a FREE, soup-to-nuts, total assessment of your current online influence. If you happen to need more leads and business, we can make that happen for you too.

Using a powerful, step-by-step process along with cutting edge technology, your presence will begin to dominate your niche online. And you and your business will become the obvious, preferred, first-choice-solution for your potential customers – THE recognized industry expert in your marketplace.