Dhaka, Bangladesh

Age: 26

root@bazlur:~$ cat bazlur.txt

I'm super excited to be a software developer, currently working as a Sr. Software Developer at Vantage Unified Communications USA LLC.

I do some blogging: @DZone

and write books: বাংলায় জাভা , Scala দি নেক্সট বিগ থিং
and run a Java User Group: JUGBD
and some tech-casting: Living on Code Techcast , as a co-host
and some open-sourcing : bdcbook for BDCyclists ,, which is running on production and helping local health sector
and read books, listen to music, watch movies and sleep
and some programming on mostly Java, Groovy, Scala
and some teaching. I teach Java to the kids (students of 1st and 2nd year) of the Institute of Information Technology, University of Dhaka, where I actually went to take my bachelor's degree.

If you would like to get in touch with me, whether it be for tech support or to just say hi, feel free to send me an email. My email address is:
or find me in LinkedIn