Paris, France

Age: 34

I'm a PhD student in mathematics. My current research area is diophantine approximation on abelian varieties, which involves algebraic geometry and number theory. French readers can learn more about my math activities on my university webpages.

Like most mathematicians, I discovered LaTeX while writing my Master thesis, but unlike most of my colleagues, I soon came to spend a lot of time playing with it as a programming language and exchanging ideas (and later answering questions) on the Usenet group fr.comp.text.tex.

Later, I developed a few LaTeX packages, then joined the TeX Live team. I also took over development of the texdoc utility shipped with TeX Live. Recently, I've been involved in developing packages for LuaLaTeX. On my blog (in French), I share tips and news on TeX, among other geeky topics.

I love programming (and other aspects of free software development and maintenance). Besides (La)TeX and Lua, I practice Perl and C for TeX Live development. I also enjoy administrating Unix systems.

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