Melbourne, Australia

Age: 47

I am Devgeeks (aka Tommy-Carlos Williams). I emigrated from the USA to Brisbane Australia in 1985. My mother wanted me to be a computer programmer, but I would have none of it as I was clearly meant to be a rock star. In 1997 I accepted a position as a programmer in a Web Development Unit at a University in Brisbane. Since then I have gone back to the USA for 6 months and worked for a Boston internet-boom start-up, returned to Australia and the University as the webmaster for the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, then walked away from the World Wide Web for a time developing software at a mail house.

In late 2007 I came to my senses, moved to Melbourne and joined a web consulting company that were working on what would become a "software as a service" for online event registrations.

After having to leave the startup when they ran low on money in September 2011, Devgeeks became the name of my freelancer software business.

In January 2013 I stopped freelancing and joined SpiderOak (