Bucharest, Romania


God is a programmer. I am a programmer. WE are GOD !

  • People 1 pray to God and God sometimes listens.
  • No one has seen God. People need priests 2 in order to address God.
  • Some mortals 3 question God's decisions, but are often foolish and wrong and will pay the price.
  • False prophets 4 spread lies among people and claim they can talk to God.
  • Some heretics 5 think of themselves above God, yet they still pray to God when in distress. The will soon pay the price.
  • The Devil 6 will lead people to their doom, unless they turn to God

1 - clients, 2 - support, 3 - QA, 4 - business analysts, 5 - PMs, 6 - boss

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