Adam Stacey

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Age: 33

My name is Adam Stacey and I am a technical consultant. I am a very proud father of 2 and I am mad about sports and web development. If I am not looking after the kids or playing rugby (or more likely drinking the club bar dry) then I’m behind my Mac doing something web related. My passion is PHP and MySQL with JQuery and AJAX mixed in with a pinch of CSS.

My latest hobby is developing apps on the iTouch, iPhone and iPad. If you didn’t know it, I love anything Apple and happen to own all three devices! I don’t work for Apple though. Should have bought shares…

I previously owned and run my own successful Web Development company called Niddocks Internet Solutions for about 7 years before we merged with Oxygen Thinking last year. I worked for people like BMW, 3M, University of Oxford, NHS, Little Chef, Noble Foods and The Happy Egg Co. to name a few. After 8 years of very long hours and the birth of my first one enough was enough! Time to put myself and the family first.

Don’t get me wrong I still work hard now, but I also play hard too!

Along with my latest apps I am currently working on a number of exciting projects as a consultant after leaving the agency world behind.

I am responsible for directing the technical aspect of many projects and coming up with creative business solutions. I have lead development teams and have come up against many challenges in my time.