Steve Elmer

Houston, TX

Age: 48

I am a developer of thirteen years of well-rounded experience. I have demonstrated strength on both Windows and Web platforms and have worked with both Microsoft and Java technologies. I have experience on the technical side of the house which has repeatedly augmented and informed my software development skills. In addition, I have demonstrated a strong and intuitive knack with user interface and interaction design which has often served to make applications friendlier and easier to use. On the server side, I have worked at all tiers from the database on up and have made extensive use of design patterns and object oriented concepts.

While being a strong team member, I have also held a variety of technical/team leadership positions and have worked for several years in an agile environment. I particularly enjoy agile development and embrace the principles thereof. I enjoy working with my colleagues and enjoy being in a position where I can mentor and work with more junior programmers. I take a servant leadership approach to the leadership roles I find myself in and feel that my experience as a ropes course instructor has certainly contributed to my leadership and team skills.

I hold a variety of professional certifications, including Microsoft Certified Software Developer (MCSD), Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS), Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), and Certified Scrum Master (CSM). I am self directed and capable of working independently with little supervision. And, finally, I am committed to my professional growth and development and maintain a consistent self-study program and am currently on track for the MCPD-EAD 3.5.