Earth, Alpha Centauri


A wannabe NEET, although I'm still in "Education". (Spending the rest of my course time sleeping until I graduate (assuming I do), which is in less than half of a year. Thank god!)

I hunt demons. I play, moderate and write code for Lichess. I like helping. I'm constantly active in a lot of  chat rooms and several other communities, and I really like chatting and spending time with everyone else! Don't be afraid if I appear like a stalker. Don't worry, I'll take really good care of you <3

By day: I'm probably curled up on my coach, from where I woke up and have been spending my entire day so far coding, surfing the net and doing various things, and (still) wearing a pair of wireless headphones (not noticing the podcast I was listening to has already ended (a long time ago)) with the same outfit as always. Occasionally away, always watching, or fallen asleep.

By night: Likely still the same?

See you soon, dear. ^_^

In the past I offered all content I author on the Stack Exchange network also under The MirOS Licence. This is no longer the case as Stack Exchange is now adopting a CC-0-like license, which I dislike and will be boycotting it by no longer writing code here.