Earth, Alpha Centauri


Age: 16

Unihedron @ Miaou

Java, Flash, C++, music, and Minecraft! I own The SO Tavern, and frequent Tavern on the Meta. I'm also in my home room Java and can be found in RegEx and a few other rooms if you need me. Here's a gem from the tavern on the Meta:

I ♥ Overworld.

I am a developer of EmberCraft among other roles, with a passionate interest in inanimate things such as physics, math, dimensions, and idiomatic code.

I come from Earth, and stay at Centaurus sometimes. More specifically, HKSAR, which is somewhere in Asia.

Stack Exchange is a great place, especially how everyone is a unique character and are given full control over how they can be contacted. I've met a lot of amazing people and learnt a lot from reading the quality and sophisticated threads, and are grateful for what I've got from here. Ever since I've gotten the vote to close privilege, I wanted to help! I also authored some interesting queries on SEDE, such as:

  •   Characters per Score (CpS) by user on answers +
  •   Tags on pending burnination?
  •   Comments like "What have you tried" where an accepted answer is present
  • I was also once the second top user in the participation leagues.

    If you like my work and would like to buy some, please get in touch. I'm sure you will find a way :)

    Oh, I also have a page here, here, and here.