Elk River, MN


Age: 27

I am currently a student attending college to obtain an AAS in IT, considering switching to a BS in Computer Sciences and I am preparing to take my CompTIA A+ exams. My preferred OSes are Ubuntu, Arch Linux, and Android. I am currently looking for a better OS than Ubuntu however, as some things feel really awkward and bloated with it. I've tried a few other distros, but none of them have made a substantial enough impression on me to adopt it fully.

I run a pretty advanced network--as far as home networks go--that works really well, especially since I turned off the DHCP server on my router and configured my own on my server box. My server machine--hermes.olympus.lan--also runs a DNS server, SMB server, Apache 2 web server with PHP extensions, a MySQL database server, and a CUPS print server. I am currently experimenting with setting up a VPN on it.

Some will inevitably ask where I got my display name. They always do. KDØBPV is my amateur radio callsign. I am a Technician class licensee and am studying for my General class license. I primarily operate on the 2 Meter (144-148 MHz) band. I am also a certified SKYWARN Storm Spotter.