San Andreas, CA

Age: 55

I'm into denotative/functional programming, computer graphics, and parallel computing. I divide my time between a home in the woods in central/northern California and Silicon Valley. Since September 2011, I have been working for Tabula and enjoying it very much. I've been working mainly in Haskell since 1995.

My home page will give you an indication of my interests and contains links to my blog and publications. You can find several of my Haskell software projects on Hackage.

Together with my sweetheart, Holly, I have also lead workshops evolving out of Marshall Rosenberg's "non-violent communication" (NVC), to help people create happier lives, particularly in relationships. Unlike mainstream NVC work, ours focuses on inner processing & self-knowing rather than communication.

Other contact info (email, twitter, linked-in, etc) are also on my home page.

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