Noida, India

Age: 25

Enthusiastic programmer and enjoys learning/exploring new technologies. Software Developer @Adobe Systems.

Author of StackEye and Requestly

StackEye - Chrome extension to get notifications about new answers/comments and also allows users to follow other users on StackExchange.

Requestly - Requestly is a chrome extension using which you can play with network requests. Redirect/Cancel/Replace Urls, Modify Request and Response Headers.

What an I do with Requestly ?

  1. Redirect HTTP/HTTPS requests.
  2. Cancel requests
  3. Replace some part in URL with another string. Using Replace feature, you an replace query parameters value, replace host names etc.
  4. Add/Remove/Modify Request and Response headers

Why do I need StackEye ?

  • When I find an interesting question on StackOverflow and I don't know the answer, I wish to receive notifications about every communication happening on that question. This really makes me learn things from other people.

  • There are so many experts here on StackExchange and I want to follow the users like Jon Skeet whose answers and questions are always full of wisdom and knowledge. That's why StackEye provides functionality to follow other users as well.

  • Best part of StackEye is you don't need to be logged in user. That's right..Just receive notifications on any question on any stackexchange site without logging into it.

Install StackEye from Chrome Store. You are just one click away from experiencing awesomeness of StackEye -:)