Toronto, Canada

Age: 36



  • Currentish computer languages and tools with which I feel totally comfortable being given any kind of problem to solve (and which I use almost every day): Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS, JSON, Backbone, Node, PHP, MySQL, Rails, jQuery, Underscore, Flash, Actionscript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Vim, GIT, SSH, Apache, Nginx, Bash, and Markdown.

  • Stuff I'm currently using and playing with, but that I want to know better: Canvas, websockets, local storage, and NoSQL (playing with MongoDB atm).

  • Things I like (other than computers, that can't be eaten): movies (the top of my list reads "Die Hard"), cycling, outer-space, alpine skiing, infrared photography, the philosophy of mind, speculative fiction (PKD in particular), french illustration (I'm looking at you, Moebius), and using a combination of media (mostly black ink) to make my own images on paper.

  • Digestible things that I enjoy: New York pizza, full-flavoured scotch (e.g., Lagavulin), Montreal smoked meat, really tart goat's cheese (any particular kind), salty dill pickles (my uncle Mark made the best pickles one year :D~~), Kobe beef tenderloin (I spent a crap-load of money to try it, and everything else is cardboard in comparison), salmon sashimi (obviously), and bitter sake (chilled).