The main technologies I am working with professionally right now are C#, WPF, MASM32, SQL-Server and Continuous Integration (Jenkins).

I am working as an extern for Bombardier Transportation Hennigsdorf in Germany. There I am leader of a small team that is creating a framework to automate the testing and simulation of train subsystems, mostly in C#.

Let me continue with my narcissistic vein :) There is at least one person who'll love reading this stuff.

In the bit of spare time I have I fiddle with Digital Signal Processing, VST plugin and ASIO sound programming to complement my home-recording interest. I also like to reverse engineer stuff, mostly games to write trainers, but occasionally also one or the other business application, if there is the need to figure out how a certain protocol or algorithm that we need to interface with, and dont get the documentation in time, works.

I started programming being eleven on a Robotron KC87 and met my share of computers and programming languages since then, most of which are totally irrelevant today. Still, it broadened my horizon.

With the release of Unreal Engine 4, my main focus in my spare time is currently to create my own old school adventure game, like Zak McKracken or Maniac Manson, although just for my personal pleasure - for now ;o)

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