Schahriar SaffarShargh

California, United States

I am a back-end developer living in Silicon Valley with a love of NodeJS and C++. Mix them together and you get the key to the gates of heaven.

I develop servers and server-side applications on a day to day basis. Anything from a full-fledged SMTP server known as Galleon to a crazy firewall written in NodeJS. If you are interested to find more of my projects you can visit my Github or NPM page. Most of my projects are open-source.

My large-scale production projects include a Stock Market Simulation that is run as a challenge (Stock Challenge) on a yearly basis in South East Asia, complete Mail Server available in private beta at and the upcoming Guide & Tutorial PaaS developed to be used for educational purposes initially planned to be deployed in the University of the West of England by the end of 2015.

My past experiences include PHP (yeah I was a PHP guy), C#, C, Delphi, Java (academic) and a whole lot of front-end development.