United States


Age: 24

The gist of it

I am a human rights and learning enthusiast who believes good software can lead to great information sharing and communication and personal empowerment.

For example, StackOverflow is amazing software for programming information, which in turn creates better developers.

Plus. I think ideas should be free. Code is just an idea. So I support open source and I am slowly working on open sourcing all of my projects, even the profitable ones. They're currently on https://github.com/JakarCo .

As a Developer

I am a software designer. I like planning application architecture and database structure. I like thinking about how these things are going to work.

I hate writing code because... its easy. The planning is challenging and fun. For the most part, outputting code is as easy as speaking - though way more time consuming and way more boring.

My most fruitful time as a developer is spent in thought. But I may be unique in my ability to visualize and plan extensive amounts of code without writing it.

As a Person

I try to empower myself with knowledge. I love to learn new things and I love to understand why something is the way it is. I like to learn about most anything.

I share my knowledge with others on Facebook (and soon on my forum once it sucks less) so they can be better informed and live better lives.

I believe that... I don't feel like blabbing any more right now. I might add more later.


Being happy and healthy. I eat well, do yoga, play video games, read (a little), watch TED talks, hang out with friends/family (but not enough). And I like to keep stuff clean.

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