Oakland, CA

I like to code. I work in the SF Bay Area and really enjoy the opportunities here. If you're interested, I recommend you try if you want to relocate or find a new job. I had a great experience and am happy to share it with you (ping me via email).

I'm a pragmatic developer that currently enjoys working with responsive applications that run in the web browser. I consider myself to be a Software Craftsman by which I am interested in well-crafted software using pragmatic techniques that result in high quality and a sense of a job well done. Part of that is using test-driven development where appropriate. Part of that is avoiding overuse of frameworks and/or avoiding tight coupling between business logic and frameworks. Part of that is making the right trade-offs when implementing a feature. Part of that is realizing when one thing needs to be two things (you might joke, but violating the Single Responsibility Principle is very easy when adding features).

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