Scotland, United Kingdom

Age: 49

I'm an Engineering Manager working for a small company (~30 employees) which is part of a worldwide group (~10k employees). My team writes embedded firmware for our custom-designed handheld instruments, running Windows CE. The bulk of our work is still in Visual C++ / MFC, but new projects are now being written in .NET (using both C# and VB). I've been an engineer since 1986, starting in DSP hardware but moving to pure software in 1990. I've worked on digital radio, speech encoding & encryption, CD-i applications, Win16 and Win32 applications, CGI script applications and Windows CE (2.11 through to 6.0) applications, using C, C++, C#, VB3, VB.NET, Perl, HTML, Linux shell scripts, DOS batch files etc. Although I am now a manager I still do some hands-on programming: debugging, maintaining old stuff, and helping out on the new stuff when bandwidth is tight.